Cajun King is the first full line of seafood seasoning mixes made in "The Sportsman's Paradise" as Louisiana is known.

All Natural. No Preservatives.

Cajun King does what no other seafood seasonings can do. We've created a new category of user-friendly products with the first full line of seafood seasoning mixes. There are seasonings and there are mixes, but only Cajun King features both in our full line. Each foil pack or bottle offers a complete pre-measured and pre-mixed recipe with few additional ingredients required. And, as an added plus, each and every Cajun King product is All Natural and Contains No Preservatives.

Not only does Cajun King provide the ultimate in hassle-free fish preparation and guarantee a wonderful end result, these products also give today's busy, active consumer a seafood entrée in under thirty minutes. You can have wonderfully tasting restaurant-style dishes that can be savored at home in about the same time that it takes to select a restaurant and make reservations.